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Ortho Rehab and Fitness

Ortho Rehab and Fitness

Ortho Rehab and Fitness products includes

  • Body Belts such as – Abdominal Belts, Lumbo Sacral Belts, Rib/Chest Belts etc
  • Cervical aids such as – Cervical Collar, Cervical Pillow etc.
  • Fracture Aids – Arm Sling, Shoulder Immobilizer, Cast shoes etc.
  • Ankle Supports – Ankle Binders/ Brace, Air Walker Boots etc.
  • Knee Supports – Knee caps, Knee Immobilizers etc.
  • Physio-Therapy products – Weight Cuffs, Exercising Bands, Exercising Ball
  • Hot and Cold Therapy – Heating Pads and Cool Packs
  • Foot Care Products – Heel Cushion, Toe Separator, Arch Support, Insoles, etc.

Various top known brands in this category are:

  • LP
  • Tynor
  • Flamingo
  • Dyna
  • Vissco
  • Oppo
  • DJ
  • Aktive
  • ETC

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